eCall for motorcyclists - protecting your life

A lone rider who crashes in a sparsely populated area might be unable to make an emergency call and has to wait to be found by someone who just happens to be passing by. Even when travelling in a group, time is often lost in a worst case scenario because the exact location cannot be sent to the rescue coordination centre.

This is exactly where our retrofit emergency call system is used: If you get into trouble, you can summon emergency help yourself using the SOS button on your handlebars. However, dguard is also fitted with highly sensitive sensors and, as an intelligent emergency call system, responds automatically when crash parameters are detected.

Here’s how the automatic motorcycle eCall works

Here’s how the automatic motorcycle eCall works

Using the dguard app, you can set and review all emergency call setting prior to beginning your trip. Once you start, the illuminated SOS button on your handlebars will tell you that the system is activated. The GPS antenna installed on your motorcycle constantly receives a GPS signal, and your current location coordinates are sent to the dguard cloud. In parallel to that, the SIM card installed in the dguard module is permanently registered on the mobile network. The system has standard coverage throughout Europe using the Telekom network. If this is not available, dguard automatically uses a different mobile network.

During your ride, the sensors built into the dguard module recognize all significant data relating to your current lean angle, direction, location, speed, and the motion of your motorcycle. The data are analysed by an algorithm in no time at all to reliably detect a crash.

Lean angle
the direction is one of many factors that show dguard if the motorcycle driver had an accident
Acceleration, Deceleration => Motion

Shortened response chain

The eCall system detects a crash within seconds and reliably sends an automatic SOS signal. This reaches the nearest rescue coordination centre using the mobile network: The emergency responders receive a voice message in the national language of the country in which you are currently travelling. The statement concludes by repeating your current location three times.

If reception is not optimal, for example in a remote area or in a tunnel, your last recorded location is sent. If you previously specified in your settings that additional messages should be sent to persons whom you trust in the form of text messages or emails, these are likewise automatically sent at this time. If you have activated your Bluetooth connection and if you have a headset, emergency personnel can contact you personally.

Retrofit eCall system

dguard can be retrofitted in all types of motorcycle without any problems.
The system is made up of just a few components: a module, a GPS antenna, an SOS button, and the app for configuring the system.


Ideally, the module should be installed under the seat. It contains the sensors which record your ride, automatically detect a crash, and lead to the response by the algorithm.

GPS antenna

The antenna is installed on the motorcycle. It continuously receives a GPS signal. This data is then passed on to the dguard cloud to send the coordinates.

SOS button

The eCall button is mounted on the handlebars within your immediate reach. If the button is held down for three seconds while the ignition is switched on, a manual emergency call is initiated. Accidental SOS signals can be cancelled within a time window of 15 seconds by pressing twice.

dguard app

All individual emergency notification settings can be managed through the eCall app.
You can manage all additional dguard functions here as well, such as the anti-theft alarm, the “Find my bike” function, or the motorcycle travel log.

dguard Modul

How much does a retrofit cost?

Do you want to invest in your safety, and your bike’s? We make it easy for you: If you have purchased the dguard components (MSRP: EUR 569.00), we will grant you a 2-year license to cover the fees for using the GSM mobile network.

At the end of the two years, there will be an annual fee of EUR 29.95 to save your life and secure your motorcycle.

If you wish to retrofit your motorcycle with dguard, contact your authorised dguard dealer. Your dealer will provide you with comprehensive advice.