Server maintenance from 27/08/2021 to 01/09/2021

Almost everyone has to move at some point! It's not always pleasant, sometimes quite exhausting. But once it's behind you, you're happy again and everything works fine or better. To ensure that your dguard system continues to function optimally also in the future, our server is moving now.

Due to maintenance work and the planned relocation of our server, temporary restrictions might occur when using the touring roadbook and the theft warning function of the dguard system from Friday 27/08/2021 to Wednesday 01/09/2021. But don't worry - the emergency call function is NOT affected by the maintenance work and will continue to operate without interruptions!

However, during the maintenance it might be possible that the theft warning function, the touring roadbook and the "Find-my-bike" function cannot be fully used from time to time.

So if you notice any restrictions in use during the above-mentioned period, it is often worth checking shortly afterwards whether the desired function is available again.

Your dguard team