dguard app for smartphones and tablets

The system is very easy to configure using the intelligent emergency call app specially developed for dguard. You can get it for iOS and Android systems. You can configure and manage the settings for your dguard system as follows: Decide how sensitive the module’s sensors should be, and test the dguard system using the app before you activate it. This is how you can be sure that your guardian is with you in an emergency and can summon help.

One app for all dguard features

Thanks to the app's logical structure and ease of use, you can intuitively configure all functions and settings at a glance. Use the dguard app as a motorbike touring roadbook app, as a motorbike tracking app for easily finding your bike or even as a motorbike alarm system app and as a configuration app for all dguard functions. The app thus combines four functions in just one application.

You can easily adjust your individual settings at any time. This includes configuring the emergency call settings, the theft warning, the tour diary, the system status and the system administration.

dguard Android App Dashboard

The dguard app primarily functions as a management tool for your dguard system. After installing dguard, you use the app to test whether all components of your system are working reliably. In addition, you can use the app to add contacts who should receive an automatic notification in the event of an emergency and switch the intelligent emergency call, theft warning and/or tour diary on and off.

dguard Android app anti theft warning

If you want to effectively protect your motorbike from third-party access, you can use the app in a similar way to a motorbike alarm app. If your bike is moved, a silent alarm with the coordinates of your vehicle is automatically sent to your smartphone or tablet so that you can react immediately. All settings for the sensitivity of your anti-theft device and the alarm can be made in the app.

dguard Android app roadbook map

As a route recording app, you can use the touring roadbook in the dguard app: Record your tours and share them with your friends. Or save your favourite routes along with all the tour data to transfer them to mobile navigation devices (.gpx) later.

dguard Android app anti theft warning

The integrated "Find my bike" function serves as a motorbike tracking system. With the help of dguard, you can quickly find out where you last positioned your bike. The coordinates are displayed directly on your smartphone.

You can download the dguard app here:

In addition, you can constantly check the current status of your system in the app. The app offers a great advantage, especially for enthusiastic motorbike fans who have installed dguard in several vehicles: all bikes can be easily displayed and managed in the app. When you are on tour, you always have your other vehicles in view - and can enjoy your time to the fullest.

dguard Android app roadbook map

Intuitive user interface

It is important to us that you quickly become friends with your dguard. An important requirement for this is a self-explanatory, easy-to-use interface for your app. That's why we placed particular emphasis on usability during development. The dashboard gives you an overview of all functions. From there, you can switch to the various functions of your system with just one click and make the desired settings.

Free software updates for optimal functionality

We are constantly updating the dguard app in order to offer you all high-quality functions that are state-of-the-art. We always keep an eye at the ease of use, as well. We regularly make free software updates available so that you can take advantage of new system developments in a simple and straightforward way.

Plus, we appreciate hearing about your ideas and experiences with the dguard app: This lets us build functions better in the future, and add additional features. Feel free to contact us!