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Speicherung der Daten

  • Do you guarantee protection of my personal data?

    Data recorded by dguard can only be accessed by the user through their personal account. Neither digades nor any third party makes any use whatsoever of the data or the tours ridden. For example, the user alone decides whether their tours can be recorded, saved, and shared, if applicable.

  • Is the cloud connected to German servers?

    The cloud servers are located in Germany.

  • What data is stored in the dguard cloud?

    Data relating to the current location of your motorcycle, your touring data, and all data that must be given to the rescue coordination centre is stored in the cloud. These include the GPS coordinates and your motorcycle type, as well as speed, travel directions, delays, and elevation in meters during your tour.

    If you record your tour, you can either save it or delete it at the end of the tour. You can also subsequently delete tours at any time, of course.

  • What is the dguard cloud?

    The dguard cloud stores the data required to use all eCall features and the additional dguard functions.

  • Where can I find my customer data?

    Every user will find their customer data in their personal profile in the service portal at www.portal.digades.com.


  • Does installation by a dealer cost extra?

    You will determine the system installation costs with your dealer. Generally, one to two hours is required for installation.

  • How much does dguard cost?

    You can purchase the dguard eCall system from our certified dealers (> dealer map <). The system costs EUR 569.00 for your motorcycle, and an annual use fee of EUR 29.90 will be charged, starting in the third year.

  • Will I have any other costs?

    You make a one-time payment of EUR 569.00 for dguard emergency call system. This includes two (2) years of use. After that, a minimal royalty of under EUR 30.00 per year is due for using the system.


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