digades and dguard - our story

digades GmbH was founded in 1991. More than 150 employees develop and manufacture high-quality products in Zittau (Saxony), Dresden and Nordhausen (Thuringia), among others for automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. Together we strive to make people's lives easier, more comfortable and safe. This motivation led us to develop dguard, the intelligent emergency call system for motorcycles. In 2022, we founded the consumer brand for motorcycle accessories TILSBERK. From now on, you can find there all motorcycle accessories of our company.

dguard – your life. your bike.

Our digades team has many inspired motorcyclists who, when the eCall obligation for cars was introduced, asked why this obligation could not be transferred to motorcycles, as well: After all, motorcycles are a risk group in road traffic. In the event of a crash, they often must rely on help from other drivers to summon an ambulance. This gave birth to the “eCall for motorcyclists” product idea.

Our goal was to bring an intelligent emergency call system to market which would significantly shorten the response chain and thus save lives. We came to an agreement on the name very quickly. Even before giving it a name we knew: We were developing a guard for motorcyclists. We also wanted digades, our company, to be reflected in the name. We created it using the first “d” and our radio wave.

Our brand was born: dguard - your life. your bike. Developed and manufactured by digades.

2017: Awarded with the German Mobility Award

In June 2017, our intelligent emergency call system for motorcycles, dguard, was awarded the German Mobility Award from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the “Germany - Land of Ideas” Initiative. We are proud of being given this award. “As a passionate motorcyclist I am aware of the special dangers and risks that bikers are exposed to, even through no fault of our own”, says Lutz Berger, founder of digades and dguard innovator. “The fact that the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure values our efforts is a great honour for us”. With this award, we also hope that political decision-makers at the EU level will introduce an appropriate Call directive for motorcycles as quickly as possible”.

2022: We are TILSBERK!

Over time, we realized how much we enjoy the field of motorcycles. Much more: it is our passion. Words must be followed by deeds. And so we founded the TILSBERK brand. From now on it includes all our motorcycle accessories: DGUARD, DVISION (the Head-Up Display) and future products :)