Anti-theft alarm - protect your bike

Motorcycles are generally fitted with nothing more than a steering lock or an immobiliser ex factory. One reasonable upgrade could be a brake disc lock or a chain lock. However, these types of security measures are awkward to manage since they must still be carried along and are only applied once you have parked. In contrast, dguard is installed directly on your motorcycle, giving you anti-theft protection anywhere, all of the time.

This is how the theft warning works:

dguard erkennt geringste Bewegungen des Motorrads

If someone touches your motorcycle, the sensors in the dguard detect that your vehicle is in motion.

  • The theft warning is activated a few seconds after the ignition is switched off.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the theft detection to your needs at any time in the dguard app.
  • You are currently transporting your motorcycle and do not need the theft warning? Well, you can turn it off right in the dguard app.
dguard warnt sich bei einem Diebstahlversuch

dguard informs you immediately about the attempted theft

How you want to be notified you can set in the dguard app:

  • via push message in the app - similar to an alarm clock, the message appears together with a warning tone, no matter what you are doing on the phone and even when the phone is switched off
  • via SMS
Geschafft, dguard hat dein Motorrad gerettet!

Now it's up to you:

  • Track the position of your motorbike via GPS.
  • Catch the troublemaker in the act.
  • False alarm? Adjust the sensitivity of your theft warning in the dguard app.

Motorcycle protection for retrofitting.

dguard is permanently installed in the motorcycle and thus makes it considerably more difficult for thieves to steal your motorcycle unnoticed. Interested? The workshop of your choice will professionally retrofit your dguard system. By the way, you can do this yourself, too. More details:

Smartphone Anruf

„Find my bike“ function

If your motorcycle is stolen, it will continue to send location data. This allows you to trace the history of its location. Thanks to the “Find my bike” function, you can easily locate your motorcycle and provide the data to the police. The energy needed to operate the dguard anti-theft alarm is very low in comparison to conventional alarm systems (less than 100 µA). This allows your battery to remain charged even after long periods of inactivity.

Learn more about the „Find my bike“ function