Installation of the dguard system in your motorcycle - a step by step guide

To install dguard, you should be well versed in the electronics of your motorcycle. If the terms "clamp 15" and "heat shrink tubing" only remotely mean something to you, then you can also have your dguard system installed in a professional workshop. Here you will find all the information that you or your workshop need:

Step 1 - Preparation

Prepare your workplace well.

Check the scope of delivery of your dguard system and put everything within your reach:

  • dguard module
  • dguard button
  • dguard GPS antenna
  • wire harness
  • handlebar adapter for the dguard button
  • 2 hose clamps for the handlebar adapter
  • shrink tubing for the handlebar adapter
  • cleaning cloth
  • adhesive pads for dguard buttons
  • adhesive pads for dguard module
  • adhesive pad for GPS antenna
  • quick start guide

Let's get started!

Step 2 - Remove motorcycle casing

Remove fairing parts from the motorcycle

By loosening the seat and other fairing parts of your motorcycle, you can install dguard in a protected place.

Step 3 - Find a suitable location for the dguard module

Find space for the dguard module in the motorcycle

Most motorcyclists mount their dguard under the seat. Here the module is well protected and not exposed to large heat sources.

Step 4 - Lay the dguard wiring harness

Test laying the dguard cable harness

Please note that the dguard wiring harness should first be installed as a trial in order to test that all components can be perfectly connected.

Step 5 - Select location for the dguard button

Find space for the dguard button

To ensure that the dguard button can be reached quickly in an emergency, it should be mounted on the handlebars or in the front of the motorcycle's cockpit.
Required mounting accessories:

  • handlebar adapter
  • 2 different hose clamps
  • shrink rubbers for handlebar protection
  • matching adhesive pads

Step 6 - attach dguard button

Mount dguard button

If the dguard button is attached to the handlebars, you will need the following additional material:

  • hose clamps
  • heat shrinkable tubing
  • hot air dryer

Alternatively, you can mount the dguard button on the handlebars or in the pulpit with the cable ties provided.

Attach dguard button

It is essential to ensure that the surface is free of dust and grease.

Step 7 - Connect button with wiring harness

Connect dguard button with wiring harness

Pay attention to an audible "click" when connecting!

Step 8 - Place the GPS antenna

Attaching the dguard GPS antenna

Make sure that the GPS antenna cannot be disturbed by metal frame parts or a top case. For optimal reception the distance of the antenna to metal parts should be at least 3 cm. Plastic parts do not interfere with the reception.

Attention: The installation location of the antenna must be selected so that the antenna cable reaches up to the antenna connection of the dguard module.

Step 9 - Connect everything together

dguard module, GPS antenna and wiring harness are connected together

Especially the cable of the GPS antenna (blue) must audibly click into place on the dguard module. It is possible that a little more force is required for this. Check that the blue plug is fully engaged in the socket by gently pulling on it.

Step 10 - Affix dguard module

Fix dguard module in motorcycle

The dguard module can also be optionally fastened with cable ties. In any case, make sure that it is firmly connected to the motorcycle.

Step 11 - Connect dguard system to ignition current

Connecting to ignition current

The position of terminal 15 (ignition current 12V) can be found in the operating manual of your motorcycle. Optionally you can ask your dealer or the manufacturer of your motorcycle for it.

Please note the requirements for a clean, professional soldering.

Step 12 - Connect dguard system to vehicle battery

The dguard wiring harness is connected to the motorcycle vehicle battery

The brown dguard cable is connected to the negative pole of the vehicle battery, the red cable to the positive pole of the vehicle battery and the black cable to terminal 15 (ignition current).

Step 13 - Is the dguard system correctly connected to the vehicle?

Test the correct power connection of the dguard system to the motorcycle

A description of flash frequencies of the dguard button and their meaning can be found here.

Step 14 - Installation completed! :)

The dguard app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and for iOS

SELF-BUILT-IN ONLY: Now download the dguard app and follow it step by step as described in your Quick Start Guide.

FOR WORKSHOPS ONLY: Now you can hand over the installed system to the customer. Workshop customers can find the necessary steps and information to put the installed dguard into operation on the Quick Start Guide provided. Please make absolutely sure that the Quick Start Guide is included after installation!