dguard: one system - lots of functions

We put a lot of dedication, expertise, and time into developing our dguard system because, as passionate motorcyclists, we know the dangers that bikers are exposed to. Your safety and that of your motorcycle are close to our hearts - this is why we brought the first motorcycle emergency call system to market that can be used as an anti-theft alarm at the same time.

dguard für dein Lebensgefühl

It takes courage, time and a lot of commitment to change things, to simply tackle them and take the first step. One question has long been on our minds: how can we make motorcycling safer? A lot has happened in recent years: airbag vests, motorcycle ABS and underride protection have become suitable for mass production. But what is there to do if something does happen? How can we ensure that injured motorcyclists are quickly found in ditches, fields and forests far from the road?

"Motorcyclists involved in an accident at night", "...only found after 3 hours" - the list of accident reports is long and sounded to us like an accusatory appeal to finally react to this grievance. And that is exactly what we did. After a short time, thanks to our more than 25 years of know-how as a renowned automotive supplier, we were able to announce the beginning of a new, safer era for motorcyclists: the intelligent emergency call system dguard was successfully tested at Dekra and thus passed the test to market readiness. 6 months later we were able to deliver the first intelligent emergency call system.

Our goal? Of course: to make the life of all motorcyclists safer. Thanks to dguard. And in every motorcycle.

Find out what the little digital lifesaver has to offer:

Motorcycle emergency call

The intelligent emergency call function is the heart of the dguard system: If you have an accident with your motorcycle, an intelligent emergency call giving your location coordinates will automatically be sent to the nearest rescue coordination centre. If you happen upon a crash, you can likewise initiate an emergency call manually using the SOS button to quickly summon assistance.

Anti-theft alarm

dguard protects both you and your motorcycle: If your motorcycle is moved while you are not present, the dguard module sends a text message to your smartphone. The dguard app shows you on a map where your motorcycle is located: This lets you respond immediately if someone is trying to steal your ride.

Touring roadbook

How your motorcycle tour becomes an unforgettable experience: Use your dguard app to record routes and let the app lay out the course for you. Then, share your tour with friends and enjoy the experience together.

Enduro-Sportler Paul Roßbach

Made in Germany - tested everywhere.

We placed high demands on dguard right from the development stage: the sensor technology was programmed so sensitively that it always reacts promptly and reliably, false alarms were ruled out and even long distances in remote areas can be handled by theintelligent dguard emergency call system without any problems.

Many tests by DEKRA and Paul Roßbach among others ensure the high quality of the dguard system.

Know where your bike is right now

dguard „Find my bike“ function

From a distance, you can easily check the last coordinates of your bike via your app - you will immediately receive the GPS data on your smartphone. So you always know where your bike is at any given moment.

Easily configurable

dguard App

You can make the settings for all dguard functions in the app. It lets you access the theft warning, touring roadbook and bike tracking.

Self assembly

Here you will find a step-by-step installation guide. As an experienced screwdriver, you have the following options for retrofitting dguard yourself:

Have it retrofitted by your dealer

Any workshop can install dguard. If your dealer does not have dguard in stock, he can order it from AlphaTechnik: