dguard: one system - lots of functions

It takes courage, time and a lot of commitment to change things, to simply tackle them and take the first step. One question has been on our minds for a long time: how can we make motorcycling safer? A lot has happened in recent years: airbag waistcoats, motorbike ABS and underride protection have become mass-market. But what is there for the case that something does happen? How can we ensure that injured motorcyclists are found quickly in ditches, fields and forests far from the road?

"Motorcyclist injured in the night", "...only found after 3 hours" - the list of accident reports is long and sounded to us like a reproachful appeal to finally react to this deficit. And that is exactly what we did. After a short time, thanks to 30 years of know-how as a renowned automotive supplier, we were able to announce the beginning of a new, safer era for motorcyclists: the intelligent emergency call system dguard was successfully tested at Dekra and thus passed the test for market maturity. 6 months later, we were able to deliver the first intelligent emergency call system.

Our goal? Of course: to make the lives of all motorcyclists safer. Thanks to dguard. In every motorbike.

Find out what the digital lifesaver has to offer:

Quick help in an emergency: intelligent and manual emergency call

dguard hilft bei einem Motorradunfall schnell und zuverlässig

The heart of dguard is the intelligent emergency call function: if you get into an emergency situation with your motorbike, an emergency call with your location is automatically sent to the nearest rescue centre. You can also call for help yourself by pressing the SOS button.

Keep an eye on your bike: dguard theft warning

dguard bietet eine Diebstahlwarnfunktion, damit der Besitzer schnell während eines Diebstahlversuches informiert wird.

If your bike is moved without you being present, dguard informs you immediately. In the dguard app you can check the location of your bike and react immediately if someone tries to tamper with your vehicle.

The tour is the goal: dguard touring roadbook

das dguard Tourentagebuch bietet die Möglichkeit, Routen aufzuzeichnen und später zu analysieren oder als .gpx-Datei mit Freunden zu teilen.

Make your motorbike tour an unforgettable experience: use dguard to record your route and have it clearly displayed in the app. Then share your tour with your friends - so you can have twice as much fun together.

Know where your bike is: dguard "Find my bike" function

sollte dein Motorrad auf einem großen Parkplatz stehen, dann findest du es dank der dguard Find-my-Bike-Funktion schnell wieder.

You can easily check the last coordinates of your bike remotely via your app - you will immediately receive the GPS data on your smartphone. So you always know where your bike is.

Made in Germany - tested everywhere.

We placed high demands on dguard right from the development stage: the sensor technology was programmed so sensitively that it always reacts promptly and reliably, false alarms were ruled out and even long distances in remote areas can be handled by theintelligent dguard emergency call system without any problems.

Many tests by DEKRA and Paul Roßbach among others ensure the high quality of the dguard system.

How dguard gets in your bike

Do-it-yourself installation

Here you will find a step-by-step installation instruction. As an experienced mechanic, you have the following options for retrofitting dguard yourself:

Installation at your dealer

Any workshop can install dguard. If your dealer does not have dguard in stock, he can order it through AlphaTechnik: