Touring roadbook - record tours and share them with friends

For bikers, motorcycle tours in picturesque landscapes with exciting roads are special highlights of the year. There is anticipation just in planning the tour: Which is the most beautiful route to ride? Where are the most spectacular panoramas? What sights should you see no matter what?

With the dguard touring roadbook, none of the highlights of your travel route will be forgotten: Using GPS, the entire tour is recorded and captured on an interactive map in your dguard app. Using various filters, you can easily edit the route display to your requirements- you can even let your friends and family at home participate in your trip.

Here’s how the dguard touring roadbook works

Your dguard system has already been installed and you have subsequently downloaded the app. Now, do you want to begin your motorcycle tour and record your route? Then select the touring log in your app and start recording manually - and let the fun begin.

You don’t need any complicated settings to allow your GPS reception to work correctly during the ride. The GPS antenna installed in your motorcycle is fitted with a GPS that has reception strong enough to measure the details of your tour and display them in your app. All tour data, such as:

  • Course
  • Speed
  • Stops
  • Elevation changes

can be found on the map.

The data is saved in the dguard cloud and thus is available for as long as you need. You can delete your tours at any time. Only you can access your tours using your personal account, unless you want to share your data.

You can then easily share the tour recording you have edited via social media. This lets your friends and family virtually feel what you experienced on your trip in real-time.

Retracing your tour

Was your tour such a fantastic experience that you don’t want to deprive other motorcyclists of it? The dguard touring roadbook offers a simple solution for that, as well: Thanks to the transferred GPS data, you can save your recorded route and make it available to others.