dguard - the intelligent emergency call system for motorcycles

Do you know what's going to happen around the next bend?

We have asked ourselves the same question. dguard was developed for you by motorcyclists. In dangerous situations, the little helper reacts as fast as lightning. It recognizes an accident immediately and automatically alarms the 112, giving you exactly the help you need in the shortest time. And exactly where you need it.

Further functions: theft warning touring roadbook • intelligent emergency call • manual emergency call

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Functions of dguard:

Unfall mit bepacktem Motorrad

Motorcycle eCall

In contrast to other eCall systems that connect to an in-house call centre, dguard connects directly with the rescue coordination centre. If you are responsive and travelling with a headset, you can personally describe your condition and all relevant crash data. If you are not able to do that, dguard automatically sends your location in the form of GPS coordinates - and emergency services can be sent immediately.

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Anti-theft alarm

As the world’s first eCall system, dguard is also fitted with an easy-to-use anti-theft alarm. The sensors, which you adjust to suit your individual needs, react to your bike’s motion. If the movement is not authorised, your app immediately receives a notification giving your bike’s current location coordinates - so you can respond immediately.

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Karte von Österreich

Touring roadbook

Let your friends and family share your experiences with your favourite vehicle.

Find more information about the touring roadbook here.


dguard hilft dir, dein Motorrad schnell und einfach zu finden.

„Find my bike“ function

Life is important, but the heart of a motorcyclist is also attached to his bike - you can agree with that? So can we. That's why we've added the motorcycle tracking function. Thanks to the GPS antenna, the last location of your bike is always available.

Android Smartphone dguard Screens

dguard app

The app lets you manage all of the dguard functions in a well laid-out format. Using the dashboard, you can easily make system adjustments according to your individual requirements. In addition to the emergency and “Find my bike” function, you can also use the app to activate your anti-theft alarm and manage your motorcycle touring log.

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digades is a renowned automotive supplier

Made in Germany

dguard is a high-quality product “Made in Germany”: From designing and developing prototypes, to the test phase, and on to producing system components, the entire manufacturing process takes place in Germany. A total of about 200 experts, including 50 engineers, are working on market-ready innovations at our digades (www.digades.com/en) plant.

How much is your life worth?

Our recommended retail price: 449,00 EUR, incl.:

  • intelligent emergency call
  • manual emergency call function
  • theft warning
  • tour diary
    • position check
    • direct accident recognition in the motorcycle
    • App for settings
    • 2 years license for free (29,90 EUR annually) for use of GSM network

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    From now on a simple step-by-step installation guide is available. If you understand terms like "terminal 15" and clean soldering, you have the following possibilities to retrofit dguard by yourself:

    Have it retrofitted by your dealer

    Any workshop can install dguard. If your dealer does not have dguard in stock, he can order it from AlphaTechnik: