Proven safety

Comprehensive testing phases were required to make dguard capable of distinguishing between a crash and an extremely dynamic riding style. Before the eCall system became market-ready in 2016, the test team logged more than 60,000 kilometres on race circuits and roads in Germany, Austria, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, and South Africa. This is how we can guarantee that our product will work, even in the most extreme conditions.

Crash tests carried out at DEKRA

The independent testing organisation DEKRA tested the retrofit motorcycle eCall system in April 2015. Various crash scenarios were examinated at the Crash Test Centre in Neumünster in order to observe crash detection. In all scenarios in which crashes with passenger vehicles and other vehicles were simulated, the reliability of the dguard technology was impressive: The system is crash-proof up to 300 G. Since then, dguard has reliably completed more than half a million kilometres on public roads worldwide.

dguard crash test carried out by DEKRA

Extensive test phases: Extreme sports and everyday life

Enduro athlete Paul Roßbach has been testing dguard in various stages of development since 2014 with the aim of making motorcycling safer.

The Enduro Junior European Champion tested the automatic emergency call for motorbikes under competition conditions and trained with the system to provoke extreme situations that would have been too dangerous or impossible on public roads.

The Berger family, the owner family of digades GmbH, as well as other test drivers from the dguard community, are still testing the system extensively on three continents.

Acceleration and braking behaviour, cornering positions and driving behaviour at high speed are measured. The measured values and test data obtained on the trips form a stable basis for dguard.

The algorithms of the system are constantly being developed to further improve dguard. Software updates ensure that your dguard is always state of the art and that your safety is permanently guaranteed.

What also distinguishes digades' dguard system from other emergency call apps are the additional functions. The dguard theft alert notifies you by sending a message to your smartphone as soon as the motorbike is moved without authorisation.

Another feature is the dguard touring roadbook: In the app, you can record your rides in detail. You can then view the route, speeds and altitude data of the tour on an interactive map or share the tour with friends.