Dealer installation - easy to retrofit

Our life-saving motorcycle emergency call system is installed as a retrofit by certified dealers and dealers garages only. dguard is compatible with all motorcycle brands and models.

It is important to have sufficient space to install the module. In order to install and initiate dguard, the seat and other shroud components may need to be removed according to the installation conditions, and the wiring must be carried out properly. Depending on the model of motorcycle, installation of the dguard system by a specialist dealer takes from one to two hours, and the calibration process can be finished quickly.

dguard is only available from authorised specialist dealers. The no-obligation suggested retail price is EUR 569.00.

How the dguard eCall system is installed

The eCall module, the GPS antenna, and the SOS button are securely attached to the motorcycle with a double-sided adhesive pad. This will guarantee that the components are fixed in one position and that false alarms are not caused by the rider’s usual movements.

The module is installed irrespective of location, so it is not important whether it is installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle, provided it is protected from the influence of weather. For example, in can be placed under the fender, under the seat, or underneath the side shrouds. The dguard module has its own power supply via a backup battery so that, in an emergency, it functions independently if the power supply is interrupted. Based on the EU legislation for eCall systems, the backup battery has a service life of 10 years.

The GPS antenna is mounted in an upright and splash-proof position. It is critical that it is not subsequently covered up by metallic parts such as travel cases or by the rider or passenger.

If the green LED light of the SOS button flashes, the dguard module is properly connected to the power supply. The SOS button can be mounted on the left or the right side of the handlebars. It is critical that the button can be reached by and is within the rider’s field of view, in order to simplify operation in the event of an emergency situation.

Calibration is required after installation. During calibration, the sensors in the dguard module detect the exact position and adapt themselves to the motorcycle individually. Your dealer will initiate and calibrate your unit in the dguard service portal.

You don’t need to worry about installation: All required steps are carried out by your certified dguard dealer.