Retrofitting at the dealer or installation by yourself? You decide!

dguard is compatible with all motorcycle brands and types. It is important that there is sufficient space to install the module (approx. 11 x 7 x 2.5 cm at the highest point). For the installation and commissioning of dguard, depending on the installation position, the seat and other fairing parts must be removed and the wiring must be carried out professionally. You can find out more at

Are you familiar with clamp 15 and soldering?

Then order your dguard in the Louis online shop and install it directly into your motorcycle yourself.

dguard Markenbotschafter Flo baut den dguard Taster an seinen Motorradlenker

Only your favorite garage is allowed to work on your bike?

Great, then ask there for dguard. If the emergency call system is not available at your dealer, he can simply order it from Alpha Technik.

dguard kann bei jeder Motorradwerkstatt nachgerüstet werden

Do you have questions about a previous dguard model?

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