Motorcycle tracker - find your bike anytime

The dguard emergency call system offers much more than an intelligent emergency call function for motorcyclists or anti-theft protection. You can also use the system to find your motorcycle: If you are not in the immediate vicinity of your bike, you can locate it at any time from your remote location - this is optimal protection for your ride so you don’t have to worry about it. A single query via your app is all that’s needed for you to get the latest location coordinates of your motorcycle.

How does the “Find my bike“ function work?

One component of the dguard system installed on your bike, along with the others, is a GPS antenna.

If your motorcycle is parked, the dguard module goes into sleep mode, but can nevertheless still receive GPS signals using the antenna. The energy required for this is very small (less than 100 µA), which protects your bike’s battery and guarantees continued functionality.

If you then would like to find out where your motorcycle is located, you can easily query the location coordinates using the app. Simply select “Locate position” in the app in order to receive the latest location data for your motorcycle.

We are aware of the sensitivity of this topic: Not every motorcyclist feels comfortable with implementing a system that collects and saves private data. However, we can assure you that data protection is our highest priority. All data such as GPS coordinates are accessible only by you via your personal account. In addition, you always have complete control over your data and can decide whom you share it with and how long you want to store it.

Good reasons for dguard:

Protect your life.

Using GPS data, dguard is able to transmit your exact position to a rescue centre in the event of an emergency. If GPS reception is disrupted, at least your last position will be forwarded. If you are injured, dguard ensures that you receive help quickly.

Keep an eye on your motorbike.

If your motorbike is moved by unauthorised persons, you will receive a silent alarm directly - and at the same time the GPS coordinates of your motorbike on your smartphone. Thanks to continuous updates, you can track the location of your bike and react accordingly.

Tour diary dguard

Analyse your trips.

If you use the dguard tour diary, all GPS data measured during your trip is displayed on an interactive map. Using the data such as altitude, speed or route, you can analyse your tour in detail and use the findings to plan your next tours.

Share your tours with friends.

You can add all the exciting experiences of your trip to the route record in your tour diary - and you have a very personal memory of your most spectacular trips that you can share with friends at any time. Another advantage: You can simply transfer the data to your navigation device - so you can easily ride the tour again.