emergency call for motorcyclists - protecting your life

Accidents happen. Everything else is under control.

Anyone who crashes alone with the motorcycle in a sparsely populated area and is unable to make an emergency call must wait to be found by a random passing road user. Even those who are travelling in a group often lose time in the event of an incident because the location cannot be transmitted exactly to the rescue control centre.

This is exactly where dguard® comes into play: thanks to integrated sensors, it immediately detects an accident and calls for help exactly when you need it. If you are added to an accident as a first responder, you can press the SOS button and immediately begin with the first aid measures without having to worry about alerting the rescue control center.


dguard motorcycle emergency call in detail:

  • automatic accident detection
  • reliably distinguishes between falling over while stationary and similar from actual dangerous situations
  • get help when you need it
  • fast and professional help directly to the 112
  • reduces the consequences of accidents
  • independent help can also be called via the button
  • requires no smartphone for the emergency call function

Your safety system for retrofitting.

dguard is permanently installed in the motorcycle. Interested? Both you or your trusted workshop can install dguard in the motorcycle. You can order dguard quickly and easily using the buttons below: